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Empower your Payees

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Payment beneficiaries across the countries, either individuals or businesses: ⦁ Like to have control and be able to manage the data they provide to various payers (including government entities). ⦁ Like to know and have a choice on the data they wish to be shared, as well as when and how they would like to receive their payments. ⦁ Require the ability and capability to re-use their data, to minimise repetition and wrong data input for all future payments.

Payees not only have to work alongside the poor experience throughout their payment claiming but also are subjected to payment frauds from their stolen details. Their data is not controllable or saved, provided manually each time they are looking to claim a payment, can’t control the currency in which they get paid, and does lead to payment rejections from incorrect details being sent across. This poor service is common and widespread, includes transactions from non-card refunds, invoice payments, payments claimed by freelancers, gig or contract workers, to name a few.

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