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Single API for Transform and Validate.

Pre-validate your payments to save on rejections onwards.

Simplified adoption of ISO 20022 standard for businesses and banks.

Payment Validation APIs


Validate Payment Format

Validate your payments formats for various payment rails to ensure low reject/return rates by ensuring right format


Coherency Validations

This API checks for coherency between BICs, IBANs and country codes. It also has required intelligence to check for exceptions like foreign territories, islands etc. 

Image by Gaël Gaborel

Validate Country Currency Rules

Validate if your payments contain all information as mandated by regulations for a country and currency.


Validate Payment

This API combines all checks for payment format, coherency, individual elements and country currency validations - a true catch all validation.


Validate Individual Payment elements

Validate individual elements of a payment like BICs, IBANs, NCC codes etc, rather than validating the entire payment message.

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