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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can banks use BenePay
    You can subscribe to our own cloud hosted solution to send input files on behalf of your customers. Or, simply you can ask your customers to send the input files, and we can send completed payment files to you directly. If you prefer otherwise, you can host the solution on your own private cloud or in your data centre. We will be happy to discuss and explain to you on these options.
  • 2. How can businesses and corporates use BenePay
    You can simply use our hosted solution to send input files of your payment beneficiaries. We will in-turn engage your beneficiaries and create a payment file. We can send your payment file directly to your bank or can send back to you. You can also ask your bank for this service, who can subscribe with us on your behalf. Talk to Us here to further understanding your options.
  • 3. Is there any minimum volume of payments required to use this service?
    Absolutely Not !! You can start benefitting from our services with any number of payments. Every business will have some kind of non-frequent payments (either one off or recurring), and we can help you on them and deliver benefits to you from Day 1. It is easier to set you up and sending minimum amount of details on your payments.
  • 4. What data do you need to setup a business customer
    We simply need to know name of the individual or company to whom you need to pay, amount, any kind of contact details (email or contact mobile number). You can send the file to us via uploading through your account with us, or via our REST APIs, or through your bank as well.
  • 5. How can businesses/corporates like us start using the service?
    Contact Us and we can subscribe you quickly. We can explain the steps to open the account with us and start using it. If your bank is already using our service, then it is a matter of agreeing with your bank to start using our service. Contact Us to know if your bank is our existing service user.
  • 6. As a bank, can we offer this to any of our customers?"
    You can use this service for any of your institutional customers (small businesses, corporates, non-banking financial institutions, etc). You can choose to interact with us for your customers, or you can ask your customers to exchange files with us directly. Talk to us and we can explain you the options and the modus operandi.
  • 7. As a business, do I need my bank to approve to use this service?"
    You don’t need to choose that. You can subscribe to our services directly. We can send the payment files collated by us directly to your bank if they are our customer or choose to use our services. Otherwise, we can send them to you.
  • 8. Which countries and currencies are supported by BenePay
    We support more than 180 countries and 110 currencies. You can choose which countries and currencies you would like to use for sending the payments. Our system is highly configurable to customise entire solution for each of our customers.
  • 9. How BeneCollect can be used by us?
    BeneCollect can be used by any business with receivables outstanding from customers and buyers anywhere in the world. Simply contact us to on-board you - either using APIs or simply to use via our portal. There is no need to sign plethora of documents, or understanding any complex or hidden pricing.
  • 10. What documents you need to use BenePay or BeneCollect?
    We are a regulated entity, and we will process payments in compliance with international rules. Our regulators (e.g. FCA in the UK) and our partners expect us to carry due diligence of our customers i.e. businesses and banks. We only need your company registration number, details of your investors and UBOs.

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