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Claim payments from various payers with minimal data entry

Let's face it - Everyone hates entering data repititively. Currently, payees provide (usually key in) their details for every payment, for payment from every payer. This invariably has the risk of incorrect data input and ensuing payment rejections, delays in getting payments, and of course the risk of data compromise.

A solution is needed to ensure that this payee data can be securely stored, provided with the options of secure wallet with multiple payment accounts destination details e.g. bank accounts, PayPal, mobile wallets, etc. This will enable the payees to have a set of rules to seamlessly direct their payments from different payers to various accounts.

This will also enable payment beneficiaries (either individuals or businesses) to store any relevant verification documents, which can be shared with payers on-demand in different countries.

At BenePay we have created holistic, bank-grade secure solutions to help payees and payers: individual customers, and businesses. BenePay facilitates payees to securely authenticate and identify themselves before providing their payment account details. They can access their details anytime, anywhere and manage them including delete them. BenePay also offers the choice of “Guest claims” wherein they can opt for not storing their details with us.

⦁ Identify themselves using digital ID service.

⦁ Manage payment accounts, currencies, timing of payments.

⦁ Register once to receive payments from payers around the world.

If you believe you would benefit from BenePay, or know someone who would, then please do get in touch with us at

We would also love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and ways in which you think we can help various stakeholders in the payment ecosystem.

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