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Combined solution for Payments and Identity verification for businesses and banks

Cloud based, API enabled, ISO20022 native payments based service, helping businesses make payments with minimal data anywhere in the world using contact details only.

Reduce Payment frauds with digital identification of payees.

Intuitive journey for your customers and sellers to claim payments in THREE steps

Laptop and Phone
  1. Get authenticated on BenePay's portal via web or mobile

  2. Payees to manage their details, control their data in compliance with data protection laws. They can add multiple payment accounts to get paid into them.

  3. Beneficiaries can claim ALL their payments from multiple payers in any currency globally. They can get paid onto a debit card or to a bank account.              We are expanding the options they can claim.

Initiate payment in THREE simple steps

1. Once registered, businesses to initiate payments using your payees' contact details only via API or on our portal. 

You can optionally choose 4-eye check for your users.

2. BenePay to invite Payee to claim the payment. 

3. Fund your virtual currency account with us. BenePay to process the payment to Payee's account


Make payments to 190+ countries. Make any kind of payments to your retail or business customers.

Using Laptop

Benefit from the new standard of making payments

Lone Fisherman

Hundreds of use cases.

  • start using right away with an online account

  • connect using APIs

Free to use to your customers and payees.​

Smart Alarm System
  • Co-branded

  • Reflect your brand with this highly configurable service

  • Manage payment currencies, countries, payment expiry, reminders to your beneficiaries

Collating Data
  • Reduce Operational expenditure by lowering data collection

    • simplify compliance with data protection laws

    • minimise payment and mandate frauds

    • reduce payment rejections

  • Use rich MI and analytics for auto-reconciliation

We can also deliver Country-currency validation documents to businesses, banks and other Fintech providers dealing with currency payments, as a standalone offering. These documents are well-researched and are used banks already to build the underlying rules for accepting and processing cross-border/international/Fx payments for their customers.

  • Banks can also share these rules with your corporate clients for them to send payments with all the relevant information for each of the countries.

  • Businesses can reduce their payment rejections and improve their customers' experience by pre-valdiating their payments

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