A Unified Payments and Identity Solution for Banks & Businesses

BenePay is a cloud based, API enabled, ISO20022 native payments based service, helping banks and businesses to make alias payments with minimal payee details anywhere in the world

Intuitive journey for beneficiaries

  • Your beneficiaries can manage their details and control their data in compliance with data protection laws

  • BenePay payee journey entails a secure-to-use web and mobile enabled portal to authenticate using three factors including self-identifiable biometric identification.

  • Beneficiaries can claim ALL their payments from multiple payers to any of their bank accounts and in any currency globally.

Simplified payment delivery for payers

  • BenePay provides multiple options to businesses and banks to disburse payments just using alias details of your customers.

  • We help businesses comply with data protection laws in various countries, avoid payment and mandate frauds, reduce payment rejections and operational overheads.

  • Banks and Businesses can utilise our service with minimal to no IT investment by leveraging any of our channels to connect to our highly configurable engine.

  • Use our rich MI and analytics for auto-reconciliation, to improve your operational processes, and to understand your customers.

  • BenePay is highly configurable service allowing payers to manage payment currencies, countries, payment expiry dates, reminders to your beneficiaries.

  • You can optionally choose 4-eye check for your users.

BenePay Use Cases

Use BenePay for hundreds of use cases:


As a replacement for cash and cheque payments, dividend warrants


One-off or infrequent payments, refunds, return payments


Refunds for Open Banking payments


Micro payments to marketing campaigns and influencers


Payments to contractors, Temporary  workers, supplier and vendor payments, freelancers


Income Tax refunds


Insurance claim payments


... and many more