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Simplified Pricing for all businesses

  • Zero Set up Fees

  • Zero Annual Maintenance Fees

  • Zero Hidden Fees

Image by Anthony Fomin

Simplified Payment structure

  • We offer a clear and straightforward pricing model, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for without any surprises.

  • NO hidden fee and NO surprising charges.​

  • Be rest assured that our pricing will be lower than our competitors. 

Competitive Pricing

  • No Setup or monthly fee. 

  • We guarantee that we offer lowest price for your international collections, and the best FX conversion charges on your local bank account collections.

  • We assure you of one of the best Net banking charges. 

  • Benefit from lower rates as your transaction volume increases.

Choose how you want to pay

  • You can choose whether you want your customers to pay or you are happy to pick up the charges.

  • Choose if you prefer ⁠an all-encompassing, single price or prefer your pricing for each of the payment types. 

  • No payment charges for International sellers and Exporters of goods and services, when collected using international virtual accounts

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