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Business Payments and Receivables made easy with Single API

Simplified Solutions for businesses, banks, and fintechs

Make your payments processing simpler, cheaper, and secure. EMPOWER your customers and beneficiaries, while SIMPLIFYING your payments. 

  • Pay your beneficiaries with their contact details only - globally

  • Minimise the data you need to capture and simplify your GDPR Compliance

  • Reduce operational overheads in payments & collections

  • Combat payment frauds

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  • Enhance your existing payments and digital proposition to help your business customers cash management needs

  • Improve your fee and Fx revenue, enhance your Fx proposition

  • Single API for payments and collections service using SaaS


Businesses of all sizes

  • Make payments with minimal data and contact details only

  • Avoid storing your customers’ or suppliers’ financial data.

  • Make invoice payments or one-off payments worldwide from your single bank account

  • One solution for payments and collections


Retailers and Marketplaces

  • Make on-demand payments to suppliers, sellers, drivers

  • Refunds made easier 

  • Micro-Payments at low cost to anywhere in the world

  • Let influencers claim payments to their bank a/c, Debit card in any currency


Technology/ Media firms

  • Pay freelancers, contractors anywhere in the world or let them claim on you

  • Quick and easy Commission payments to content providers

  • Distribute prizes or rewards for gaming competitions, hackathon globally. Verify them before making payment



  • Collect premiums using tokenised Request to Pay links 

  • Make insurance claim payments globally with an embedded digital verification of claimants

  • Auto-bulking of payments to garages, hospitals

We help you across the financial supply chain...

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Use BenePay in THREE simple steps...


  1. Sign up for Free, and configure your account the way you want to process payments

  2. Send advices via BenePay to your customers or sellers to claim their payment

  3. BenePay pays your Payees in the currency of their choice anywhere in the world. 


  1. Free registration with minimal documents, and we will manage your virtual currency accounts

  2. Generate secure tokenised link to send to your customers, buyers

  3. Paid using cards or as local bank tranfer. You receive Payment directly into your bank account 

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