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Redefining Payments

About Us

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BENEPAY is a Fintech offering innovative payment solutions to banks and businesses. Our solutions help EMPOWER your customers and beneficiaries, while SIMPLIFYING your payments

Our Solutions



  • Enhance your existing payment and digital proposition to help your business customers on their challenges

  • Improve your fee and Fx revenue, enhance your Fx proposition

  • Move customers from cash & Cheques with value added digital solutions



  • Make alias payments with minimal data

  • Avoid storing your customers’ or suppliers’ financial data.

  • Make invoice payments or one-off payments worldwide from your single bank account



  • Make on-demand payments to suppliers, traders, drivers 

  • Make micro-Payments at low cost to anywhere in the world

  • Make payments to influencers quickly and effortlessly


Technology/ Media firms

  • Pay your freelancers, contractors anywhere in the world

  • Make Commission payments quick and easy to content providers and contributors

  • Prizes or rewards for gaming, competitions, hackathons, etc can be distributed to anyone in the world from your country of operation


Government/ Public Sector

  • Let your pensioners identify themselves Digitally from their home and get paid on-demand

  • Making benefit payments is a lot easier including protecting from frauds

  • Make tax refunds, contractor payments, interviewee payments electronically with minimal effort

How BenePay helps

Hosting Options

On Premise

As a Service

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Why BenePay

Increased Operational Efficiency

​Execute your payments at low cost, faster, and securely from a single location to anywhere in the world. Reduce payment rejections and avoid fraud payments

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Customer Experience

Improve your customers' experience on the way their payments are made - leverage our seamless user experience and journey to make it simpler.​ Embed our solution in your user journey on your websites. We will take care of the rest of the payment processing.

Empowered choices

Provide optionality to your payees without impacting your current systems and processes. Enable your payees to self-identify themselves with our seamlessly integrated digital iD solution and claim the payment as well

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