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Enhance Visibility and Control with
BenePay's Real-Time Notifications

Unlock a new era of financial management with BenePay's Real-Time Notification feature. Take control of your financial transactions and stay informed in real-time.

BenePay allows you to get individual reports for all your transactions, and also end of day Settlement reports with details of each of the payments. Your reports show how your customers are paying, including currency details. 

You can either download reports or we automatically deliver into your mail box everyday. Besides, you can integrate with APIs to streamline reports delivery into your applications. 

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Don’t Look Down_edited.jpg

Real-Time Transparency for informed decision-making

With BenePay's Real-Time Notification, rest assured that instantaneous updates to businesses and customers are delivered to you in real-time. Eliminate the uncertainty associated with waiting for confirmations, offering complete visibility into payment-related activities. With real-time transparency, your business can make informed decisions promptly, contributing to a more responsive financial management approach.

Proactive Financial management at your fingertips

BenePay merchants and businesses benefit from a proactive and responsive financial management experience. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time notifications, empowering you to make timely decisions that positively impact your financial success. No more surprises or delays — BenePay puts you in control, ensuring you are equipped with the tools needed to navigate financial activities with confidence and agility.

Effortless Customer Interactions
with Dashboard Convenience

Simplify customer interactions seamlessly with BenePay's Dashboard which offers you a detailed view on all your payments. Whether you need to send reminders to customers, cancel transactions, or issue refunds, BenePay offers one-click solutions directly from your Dashboard. This user-friendly feature enhances the overall customer experience, allowing businesses to efficiently manage customer interactions within the BenePay portal. Experience the convenience of Dashboard buttons and elevate your customer interactions!

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