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Faster Settlements, Improved Tracking

Accept payments from your customers anywhere in the world. Collect your invoices using multiple payment methods online. Collect in-store using QR Codes and have singular dashboard of all payments.

Unlock the next level of payment efficiency with BenePay's cutting-edge features. Experience better payment conversion, faster settlements, and improved tracking, ensuring a seamless financial flow for both your Indian and international payments.

Swift Settlements and Minimal Fees

BenePay prioritizes your time and money, ensuring quick settlements. Get your payments credited to your account on the next working day, backed by our innovative routing system that maximizes success rates while minimizing fees. Our country-specific service providers further enhance efficiency, enabling instant settlement after accepting payments.

24/7 Service Availability: Uninterrupted Access, Anytime, Anywhere

Unlike conventional payment gateways, BenePay stands out with its 24/7 service availability. Access our platform easily during weekends, bank holidays, and non-banking hours. BenePay ensures your payments are processed efficiently and without delay, providing you with the assurance of constant accessibility and support, whenever you need it.

Localized Payment Methods:
Tailored Solutions for Diverse Preferences

BenePay recognizes the global diversity of payment preferences. Ensure not only higher checkout conversion rates but also embrace localized payment methods that have a higher acceptance rate in various countries. Expand your global reach by offering payment methods that resonate with your diverse customer base.

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