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Hassle-Free Client Onboarding for
Effortless Transactions

Many businesses find that onboarding by payment service providers can be a complex and time-consuming process, often resulting in delays and frustration for both parties

We streamlined the steps required to get you set up and ready to start processing payments quickly and efficiently. We have an optimised set of documents needed for your KYC with our banking service providers. We ensure your KYC and on-boarding is done in parallel whilst you complete any integration with us, and complete a simple agreement document. 

Our payment consultants offer step-by-step guidance and support to help you through the onboarding process smoothly. Minimize the need for extensive documentation with digital onboarding and e-signatures.

Use without IT integration also...

If you want to test us initially or don't have IT capabilities, we simplified that for you. You can easily start WITHOUT any IT integration on your account with BenePay portal. 

You can start initiating payment requests on our portal by keying very minimal details only. Or, you can simply upload payment requests in an excel and we will take care from there. You get all the benefits of API integration through this as well. You can even download Payment links and send to your customers, if you want. 

Customization at Your Fingertips

BenePay's onboarding process boasts a responsive and user-friendly interface to make your journey intuitive and manageable. Get access to customized brand settings and welcome text for a personalized touch. Add real-time tracking transparency to your onboarding journey, providing you with instant insights into the progress.

Don’t Look Down_edited.jpg
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