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Reduced operational burden with automated reconciliation

Our payment services significantly streamlines your financial operations with automated reconciliation of your invoices with the payments received or outstanding. Never miss a payment from your customers with our detailed report showing pending invoices and payments. 

Many businesses spend a considerable amount of time and resources on reconciliation of payments, and tend to be prone to errors and missing follow ups with your Payers. 

Get real-time updates and reports on all your invoices. These reports contain references to your payment requests and invoice numbers, with current status of them. 

Seamless delivery of reports and updates

Easily integrate with your existing platform for a smooth workflow. You can get all your transaction updates, and detailed transaction and settlement reports into your accounting platform. This helps quicker automated reconciliation at invoice level and each payment level. 

Besides, credits from your payments go into your bank accounts, allowing you to automate reconciliation of individual payments with settled funds in your account. 

Improved Cash Flow Management:

Real-time update of transactions backed by itemised transaction reports allow you to quickly identify and resolve discrepancies, improving cash flow management. 
Supported by quicker settlement of credits into your account and itemised settlement report allows you to identify paid and unpaid invoices improving your DSOs (account receivables). 

Don’t Look Down_edited.jpg
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