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A Unified Payments and Identity Solution for Banks & Businesses

BenePay is a purely cloud based, ISO20022 native payments product, allowing banks and businesses to make alias payments across payment rails, with minimal payee details. 

Intuitive Beneficiary Journey

BenePay allows beneficiaries access and claim ALL payments at one go. This includes payments received from multiple clients. Beneficiaries can send the payments to any bank account (and card accounts and Paypal going forward) and in any currency globally.

Based on chosen destination country and currency, BenePay guides beneficiaries to enter mandatory information as per regulatory requirements of destination country

Client Journey

BenePay provide real power and control to Payers (Clients). Payers are able to submit payment files either manually or automatically (dropped systemically) in a variety of formats including ISO 20022 and custom CSV formats. 

BenePay Dashboard provides a complete snapshot of client's details, all payment activity, real time status updates for all payments made by them for any selected date range. 

Client users can view useful analytics like data quality, payments approaching expiry, beneficiary demography, currencies etc and take appropriate action like follow ups, increasing their payment offerings etc.


BenePay is highly configurable and allows payers to restrict payments to be made from certain accounts only. Payers can also restrict payment currencies, allowed countries and currencies in which the payments can be claimed. They can choose to enable or disable 4-eye check for their organisation users, whether to allow manual upload of payments or not or restrict days when business activity can happen. All these configurations literally make BenePay "Fraud-Proof". 

Payers are sent EOD MI containing information on all payment activity that happened during the day, as well as details of payments waiting to be claimed. This provides the clients data required for their reconciliation. Payers can configure BenePay specifying the exact templates of email/SMS notifications which are sent to beneficiaries and their internal users.



Contact us for a complete list of BenePay features and capabilities and how we can help your business. 

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