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Unlocking Choice and Security with Payment Diversity

BenePay empowers businesses to accept payments securely through a myriad of options, leveraging Smart Routing for enhanced payment success. Provide your customers with the flexibility to pay using domestic or international cards, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction experience.

Allow your customers at their comfort - whenever, wherever, and however they want to pay using payment links. Pay by Link enables your customers to choose convenient payment method in any currency. You can allow them to pay partial payments also. 

You can choose to send an invoice along with payment link, and send reminders for unpaid payments.

Contact Us for a quick demo on how 'Pay by Link' works and how it can streamline your payment process.

Pay Links is our convenient and secure payment solution

Pay by Links is a Request to Pay mechanism for you to request or demand payment from your customers towards an invoice or any obligation. It is convenient and secure that significantly simplifies the payment process for your customers and to your business. 
Our innovative 'Pay by Link' solution allows you to send payment requests directly to your customers via email, SMS, or over WhatsApp. Customers can complete their payment with just a few clicks, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

Our solution offers you multiple flexible options on choice of method to send the Link, on frequency of reminders, expiry of an invoice request, addition of penalties, etc. We offer option either for you to send the Link or we can send as well. You can even configure the message you want to send to your customers for each Payment Link. You have the option to allow partial payment from your customers.

Each link is secure and unique, ensuring safe payment, and easier reconciliation. You can track each of the payment links, and download detailed reports.

Contact Us for more details and our Payment consultant will guide you through this.

Don’t Look Down_edited.jpg
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