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Accept Payments Globally with Benepay

Enabling Global Reach

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Provide wings to your business with Benepay's power packed features 

BenePay Payment Gateway - Accept ALL payment methods

Accept payments from your customers anywhere in the world. Collect your invoices online or in-store using multiple payment methods online.

Domestic and International Debit and Credit Cards - VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex

UPI and UPI QR codes


Mobile Wallets like Google Pay, Bharat Pe etc

Mobile Wallets like Google Pay, International Bank A/c Collections


Provide comfort to your customers to pay whenever, wherever, and however they want -  using BenePay's secure payment links


  • Let them choose the most convenient payment method in any currency

  • Allow them make partial payments 

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Secure, tokenized "Pay by Link" feature

Request payments from your customers - via email, SMS, or over WhatsApp

Configurable Templates

Configure Email, SMS or Whatsapp Templates for each Payment Link

Tracing & Reconciliation

Each link is secure, unique, and convenient - ensuring unique tracing and easier reconciliation

Optionality to send Links to Payers

Choose BenePay to send payment link to payers directly, or to yourself for forwarding to payers

Faster Settlement with improved tracking

  • Instant Debit to your Customers account

  • Next Day (T+1) Credit to your account for all payment methods

  • Swift Settlements and Minimal Fees

  • Download settlement report - On demand

  • Schedule settlement reports to be sent everyday to your email 

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Feature packed Intuitive Portal

BenePay's Portal has a very rich set of functionalities and a super intuitive Dashboard


If you are looking for a feature, there is a very high probability that we already have it. If not, contact us and we will build it for you.

Request Initiation

Initiate Payment request via API, file upload or from UI


Real time data for ageing payments, payer demography, payment methods

Transaction Search

Search your transactions using any data point you like

Automated Reminders

Automatic reminders for your Payers periodically


Initiate refunds in real time with a single click

Partial Payments

Allow unlimited partial payments to be made against a request


Cancel transactions you may have sent by mistake 

Accept payments via WhatsApp

Revolutionise your payment acceptance in a user-friendly way using WhatsApp, the app your customers already love and use everyday

Leverage BenePay's WhatsApp Payment solution

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  • Send payment requests directly through WhatsApp

  • Make payments instantly within the chat, providing a seamless and familiar experience

  • With high open and response rates on WhatsApp, you're likely to see faster payments.

  • We enable instant updates on payment status within your WhatsApp chat

  • WhatsApp payments support all the regular payment methods - Debit and credit cards, net banking, wallets, UPI, Bharat QR, and international options

Unlimited Customizable Invoices

  • Customize your own Invoice design separately for your own business or your franchisees

  • Customize your invoice template with your logo, color themes, and other relevant information

  • Generate unlimited contextual (Unpaid/Paid) Invoices at no cost

  • Option of sending invoices from BenePay or merchant's email

  • Streamline invoicing with auto-generated subscription invoices

Accept International Payments seamlessly with BenePay


Explore limitless possibilities of international commerce with BenePay's cutting-edge International Payments


Support for over 100 currencies

We support

over 100 currencies and more than 50 countries

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Pay via International Bank Account

Let your international payers pay via their local bank account avoiding international charges


Settlement in Indian Rupees

Seamlessly settle your non INR payments in Indian Rupees

Currency Bill

Unbeatable FX Rates

We give you the best FX rates during settlement. You can even choose to hold settlement for the right rate

Personal Items

Pay via International Cards & Wallets

Let your payers use International cards and wallets like GPay to pay invoices

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Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing providing a superior alternative to traditional banking offerings

FIRC Certificates

Get your FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate) automatically upon Credit

Real time Notifications, Reports & Automated reminders

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Real time Notifications

Get notified about various events in real time - payment initiation, successful payments, cancellations, refunds - for payers and merchants alike

Automated Reminders

Send automatic reminders to your payers at your preferred frequency. In addition, send payment reminders on demand  from BenePay portal. 

Scheduled Reports 

Get reports automatically delivered to your mail box everyday. 
Integrate with APIs to streamline reports delivery into your applications

Recurring Payments using UPI AutoPay

UPI AutoPay simplifies payments by allowing automatic debits through UPI.
UPI AutoPay is a cutting-edge feature designed to simplify and automate recurring payments, heralding a new era of convenience and efficiency in digital transactions.

Image by Chandan Chaurasia

Seamless Automation

No manual intervention in recurring transactions. Once set up, users enjoy a hands-free experience as payments are executed automatically, saving time and effort.

Flexible Scheduling

UPI AutoPay allows users to tailor payment schedules according to their unique preferences and requirements. Whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or a customized frequency, the system adapts to individual needs.

Empowering Customers

Customers gain control over their mandates. The one-time registration process and secure UPI PIN verification empower users to manage, modify, or cancel mandates at their convenience, putting them in the driver's seat of their financial commitments.

Simplified Onboarding at BenePay

BenePay's simplified onboarding streamlines your user experience by minimising steps and automating data collection during onboarding. Our colleagues guide you with accurate and compliant Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. 


Effortless Onboarding 

Simplify payment provider onboarding with our streamlined process. We minimise documentation requirements through digital onboarding and e-signatures. Our payment consultants provide step-by-step guidance for a smooth experience

Test Waters first

Test us without IT integration! Use our BenePay portal to initiate payment requests with minimal details. Create payment requests via portal OR Upload payment files via Excel, and we’ll handle the rest. Enjoy API benefits and even share payment links with your customers

Customization on Fingertips

BenePay's onboarding process boasts a responsive and user-friendly interface to make your journey intuitive and manageable. Get access to customized brand settings and welcome text for a personalized touch. Add real-time tracking transparency to your onboarding journey, providing you with instant insights into the progress.

Personalised Customer Support

Personalised support anytime... for hassle free Collection experiences

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No Talking to machines

We don't like you talking to machines, spending hours waiting on a phone call to get help. Our Payment consultants and support teams respond to you as soon as possible over emails, phone calls, and with updates on your account on our portal

All actions on dashboard

Do everything possible on BenePay portal - Initiate single payments, upload files, set up recurring payments, Cancel transactions, issue refunds, Search transactions and their statuses in real time... All available at a click 

Get details in multiple ways

We provide you immediate updates to your email and also into your accounting platforms. You can download transaction details for a particular period or for a set of payments. 
You can download a detailed settlement report or we can deliver it to your mailbox.

Automated Reconciliation

Our payment services significantly streamline your financial operations with automated reconciliation of your invoices with the payments received or outstanding.

Never miss a payment from your customers with our detailed report showing pending invoices and payments. 

Reduced operational burden

Seamless delivery of reports and updates

Improved Cash Flow Management

24/7 Uninterrupted Service Availability - Access Anytime, Anywhere

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  • Unlike conventional payment gateways, BenePay stands out with its 24/7 service availability

  • Access our platform easily during weekends, bank holidays, and non-banking hours

  • BenePay ensures your payments are processed efficiently and without delay, providing you with the assurance of constant accessibility and support, whenever you need it.

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